riddles for teens

250 Riddles For Teens – Fun Trivia & Riddles With Answers for Kids and Adults

Riddles are done by most people. This helps us to improve our thinking patterns. When it comes to teens they do love to play riddles for teens which are categorized for them. So today I have bought you a set of riddles for teens. This consists of three. Funny riddles for teens, dirty-minded riddles, and some Christmas riddles too. So come on let’s solve these riddles. 


riddles for teens
riddles for teens

Funny Riddles for Teens


If you’re in a bad mood or if you feel too lazy here we have got some funny riddles for teens. I’m sure you will love these riddles. Come on let’s play them. 

  1. There are two fathers and two sons in a room at the same time only three are present. How is it possible? 

         A1. There is a grandfather, father, and son in the room. 

  1. Where does Thanksgiving come before Christmas? 

        A2. Dictionary. 

  1. An electric train is traveling towards the west. Which direction does the smoke go? 

         A3. No smoke is produced by electric trains.

       4.What can’t you hold even for five minutes but lighter than a feather? 

         A4. Breath. 

  1. What gets more wet as much as it’s being dried? 

        A5. Towel. 

  1. Until it’s given what can’t be kept? 

       A6. Promise. 

  1. Which question will never be “yes”? 

       A7. Are you asleep yet? 

  1. What weighs more, two pounds of brass or two pounds of copper? 

      A8. Both are the same weight. 

  1. We never eat it but we do keep it on a table and cut it. guess? 

      A9. Pack of cards. 

  1. It starts with P and ends with E. it has a million letters in it. guess?

     A10. Post office. 

  1. When you get me you must share but once you share me you will never have me. What am I? 


  1. What are the car which is spelled from back and the front the same? Racecar 
  2. What can you hold in your right hand but not the left hand? 

Left hand. 

  1. A person needs to cross a river. He has to take a hen, a fox, and a bag of corn. But at a time only one could be crossed by the boat with the man. How is he going to cross now? First, he takes the hen, leaving it on the bank. Next, the fox leaves it on the bank and takes the hen again, and returns to the starter bank. Drop the hen in the starter bank and take the corn bank to another bank. Now take the hen from the starter bank and cross the river. 
  2. The man who makes or buys never uses me and the man who uses never sees me. What am I? 


  1. I go around the world, but I stay at the corner. What am I? 


  1. I have seas, coasts, towns, and mountains but no water, sand, people, or land. What am I? 


  1. I do have horns but not an ox, I do have packed-saddle but not a donkey. I leave with silver wherever I go. Who am I? 


  1. In a house, there is a father 34 years old, a pregnant mom 27 years old, a son 15 years old, and a daughter 2 years old. Who is the youngest? 

The baby inside the womb. 

  1. You have heard me but you have never seen me. Until you speak out I’ll never. Who am I? 


  1. What is the exclamation used by teens during the trouble of even numbers in maths class? 

I can’t even

  1. Why do my eyes bounce and flicker all over as a teacher when I go to my class? Cuz the teacher can’t control her students. 
  2. I do shaves many times a day but still, I do have my beard. Who am I? Barber. 
  3. What month of the year do people work the least? 

February, since only 28 days. 

  1. What makes the octopus laugh? 


  1. If you immerse me in the water I will not exist but I’m made up of water. Who am I? Ice. 
  2. I have no organs but I do have 13 hearts. Who am I? 

Deck of cards 

  1. Water murders me but alcohol prospers me. Who am I? 


  1. I do have a thumb and four fingers but I’m not alive. Who am I? 


  1. You are in a 100-meter sprint. You surpassed the 3rd placed person. Now, what’s your place? 


  1. I do have space and keys but no rooms or doors. Once you enter you can’t leave who am I? 


  1. When it started to downpour a cat was outside. It wasn’t able to find a shelter so it was soaked, but not a single hair was wet. How did it happen? 

Cuz it’s a hairless cat. 

  1. At the end of the line, what do you find? 

Letter e. 

  1. I never go inside although I call them home. But if I fall off the tree I’m dead. Who am I? The leaves.
  2. Jane gossiped with her friends seeing Jack parking his car in front of the bar that he was drunk. Jack overhead it and made everyone think that she was easy by using his car to get back to her. How did he do it? 

By parking his car in front of her house every night. 

  1. I have apples with me but can’t be eaten and also doesn’t keep the doctor away. What is the kind of apples I do own? 

Apple products(mac like). 

  1. Jack went to a party. When he peeped through the windows it was fully crowded. But when he went in no single person was there. How did it happen? 

All were married. 

  1. If adults can’t make a spoiled teen cry you need to cut me, teens will cry. Don’t dare to take a bite off but you can eat who I am? 


  1. The teenager’s report card was cold and freezing. Why is that? 

Cuz it was full of low grades. 

  1. People all over the world come to see me again and again. Many spend years with me but you shouldn’t be either too young or old unless you make me a part of your career. Who am I? 


  1. The troubled maths book said something to the puzzle, calculator, and dictionary. What is it? 

I have many problems. 

  1. To empty trash, take it out and place new garbage bags, how many teens are needed? They don’t do it, so no idea. 
  2. Among teens who don’t like to share their bedrooms what is the favorite social media website? 


  1. Two moms were speaking about their daughters. The mom of a teenager was complaining about him while the other was praising her daughter. How did that happen? The daughter was only 2 months old. 
  2. Jane drank half a cup of wine while Jack drank the fourth cup of wine. Who drank more? Jack cuz it was his fourth cup 
  3. When two teenagers got arrested for stealing diapers what did they say to each other?

We are getting too old for this. 

  1. When physics and history are arguing, what was said by physics to history? Don’t change the subject. 
  2. When doing their maths homework what do hippies eat? 


  1. The teacher asked Trump what book inspired him. He never had read a book but he had one which was gifted and had a great start as a child. What was it? 

His father’s checkbook. 

  1. A teacher asked a girl if she has 2 glasses in one hand 4 in the other. What does she have? 

A drinking problem 

  1. At times I’m sweet, bitter, rebel, impulsive, typical, awkward, annoying. Who am I? A teen. 
  2. To scope out a new school where do Asian teens go? 


  1. Great parole officers are made by teens. Why is that? 

Cuz they never let you finish a sentence. 

  1. It’s not living but has a thumb but no fingers. What is it? 


  1. You can’t touch me but you can see. I’ll be in the same distance although you move towards me or move away from me. Who am I? 


  1. It never happens in childhood but four times as a teen once as an adult. What is it? Letter e 
  2. I haven’t got any fingers and can’t give five, I can’t shake hands, but I do have hands who I am? 


  1. An English word that has three consecutive double letters. 


  1. Three astronauts say that Jack is his brother. Jack says he has no brothers. Who is lying? 

No one cuz jack has three sisters who are astronauts.

  1. A number that is multiplied by others and always is the same. 

  1. How many letters are there in the alphabet? 

11 in the word alphabet. 

  1. Which candle burns longer is a candle in a girl’s birthday cake or boys. Neither of each cuz burns shotter. 
  2. What has no beginning, end, or middle? 


  1. If there are five apples and if you take away two, how many do you have? Two. 
  2. What are the numbers which give the same value if they are added or multiplied together? 


  1. Selyna’s father has three daughters, Jane, Mary, and…? 


  1. At night a girl in a house with no light is reading. How is that happening? She is blind and she reads braille. 
  2. What’s the next letter of the sequence? J,F,M,A,M,J,J,A,S,O,N…. D, cuz sequence consists of letters of months of the year. 
  3. Jack’s height is 6 ft. He wears a 6 size shoe and is an assistant at a butcher shop. What does he weigh? 


  1. On Monday a cowboy rode into a village. He stayed there for 3 days and rode out on Monday. How did that happen? 

The name of his horse is Monday. 

  1. A man goes 8 days without sleep. How is that possible? 

He sleeps only at night. 

  1. It occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a year. What is it? Letter M 
  2. How do you make the number one disappear? 

Add g and it’s gone.

  1. How many months of the year have 28 days? 

Every month. 

  1. What is the time when an elephant sits on a fence? 

It’s time to repair it. 

  1. Which letter of the alphabet has a lot of water? 

  1. I have a head and tail, but I have got nobody. Who am I? 


  1. What is pink and smells like black paint? 

Pink paint. 

  1. Does Europe look like a frying pan? 

Yes, cuz Greece is bottom 

  1. I run with gas and consist of ten letters. What am I? 


  1. What starts with T ends with T and has T in it? 


  1. What building has the most stories? 


  1. It goes up only but never comes back. What is it? 


  1. It loses its head in the morning and gets back in the night. What is it? Pillow. 

Bonus Riddles For Teen



Riddles For Teens
Riddles For Teens


Dirty Minded Riddles For Teen

If you can’t answer these riddles correctly I’m sure you will go to hell. So let’s see what your destiny is. Come on let’s play these dirty minded riddles

  1. It’s a four-letter word ending with k having a similar meaning for intercourse? Talk
  2. It’s really good if you blow me. At times I drip a little. I consist of different sizes. Who am I? 


  1. Put your sticks inside me. You tie me to get up. I bathe in front of you. It’s me? A tent. 
  2. Which four-letter word starts with “f” and ends with “k”. If you don’t understand, can you always use your hands? 

A fork. 

  1. In and out all day. I unload loads from my axis. Both men and women criticize me. It’s me? 

An elevator. 

  1. I’m scattered before they eat me. Your tongue sticks out of me. Sometimes people lick my balls. It’s me? 

Peanut butter. 

  1. Which three-letter word begins with an “s”, ends with an “x”, and has a vowel in the middle? 


  1. I start with a “p” and end with “or-n”. I am a major player in the film industry. It’s me? Popcorn. 
  2. When I go inside, I can cause pain. I fill in your blanks if you ask me. I also ask them to spit and not to swallow. It’s me? 

Your dentist 

  1. Help with erections. Sometimes huge balls hang from me. You know me as a great swinger. It’s me? 

A crane. 

  1. What is beautiful and natural, but will it be sharp if not cut regularly? The grass. 
  2. What stretches when pulled, fits snugly to the chest, carefully slides into a hole, chokes people if misused, and works well when pulled? 

A seat belt. 

  1. What does a dog do when a man enters? 


  1. Can you name a word that starts with “f” and ends with “u-c-k”?


  1. My business is short. I am an intelligent linguist. I plead with him and plead with him regularly. What are they? 

A lawyer. 

  1. I’m great at protecting myself. You use your fingers to get rid of me What are they? Gloves. 
  2. You are the culmination of many dates. I am particularly receptive when you touch me with your fingers. What are they? 

A bowling ball. 

  1. What is rubber, is it distributed in some schools, and was it there to avoid mistakes? Tires 
  2. It’s fun and you spend a lot of energy thinking about it, but you hate knowing your parents are doing it. What is this? 


  1. What’s white, sticky, and better to spit than swallow? 


  1. Who is the most popular guy in the nudist colony? 

The kind that can carry a cup of coffee in either hand and a dozen donuts. 

  1. Who is the most popular girl in the nudist colony? 

The one who can eat the last donut! 

  1. What is most useful when it is long and difficult? 

An apprenticeship. 

  1. What covers your mouth every morning and night to make you feel refreshed? Brush. 
  2. Many people want these to be as long as possible, but short ones can be effective. Sure they could be too long. What are they? 


  1. What does a woman have two, of which a cow has four? 


  1. Sometimes a finger penetrates me. You play with me when you’re bored. The best man always has me first. It’s me?

Your wedding ring. 

  1. How do you make two pounds of fat look good? 

Put a nipple on it. 

  1. What is soft and moist on the inside and hard and hairy on the outside? The word starts with “c”, ends with “t”, and between them is a “u” and an “n”. 

A coconut. 

  1. What is long and hard when it’s young and soft and small when it’s old? A candle. 
  2. I’m always tough when it’s dry, but soft and smooth when it’s wet. It’s me? Sponge. 
  3. I come strong, come out smooth and you love to suck me. It’s me? Chewing gum. 
  4. What’s at least six inches long, fits in your mouth, and is more fun when it vibrates? An electric toothbrush. 
  5. You play with it at night and it vibrates. What’s this? 

A cell phone. 

  1. What is the difference between a woman’s G-spot and a quarter? Men have a chance of finding a neighborhood if they search for it. 
  2. You really like this when you spread it. What’s this? 


  1. You can’t taste it if you don’t take it off. What’s this? 

A banana. 

  1. What does a bride get on her wedding day that is long and sometimes difficult? A new family name. 
  2. What is the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer? Flavor. 
  3. What dries and hardens, but comes out wet and soft? 


  1. What do you put in a little hole and turn it completely? 

A piece of advice P.

  1. What is the speed limit for sexual intercourse? 

I am 68 years old, but at 69 you have to turn around. 

  1. What is six inches long, two inches wide, and is everyone going crazy? A 100 dollar bill. 
  2. What is six inches long, sweet on the lips, and goes best with butter? On the cob. 
  3. What is super hard and goes into a little hole? 

A key. 

  1. What is long and heavy and contains the word “sperm”? 

A cucumber. 

  1. You have to blow it to play it. What’s that? 

A ball. 

  1. I have a rigid axle. My tip penetrates. I come with a quiver. What are they? An arrow, of course! 
  2. What is the difference between “ooooooh” and “aaaaaaah”? 

About three inches. 

  1. What does every woman that begins with a “v” have that she can get what she wants? His voice. 
  2. What do men have in their pants that their partners sometimes suck on? Money. 
  3. What does a man have in his pants that a woman does not want on her face? Wrinkles 
  4. What is in a man’s pants that you can’t find in a girl’s pants? 


  1. Why is a man’s voice louder than a woman’s? 

Men have an antenna. 

  1. Arnold Schwarzeneggers is fantastic. Donald Trump is small. And Madonna doesn’t have one. What’s that? 

The last name. 

  1. Some people prefer to be upstairs, others prefer to be downstairs, and it is always a bed. What’s that?


  1. You get a lot when you are important and successful. You’ll get less if you’re just starting out. Sometimes you do it with yourself when it is necessary, but it is much better when it is with other people. What’s that? 


  1. I grew up in a bed, first white, then red, and plump, better women like me. It’s me? A strawberry. 
  2. More than 1,000 people attacked me. I wasn’t a maid for long. Something really big and hard tore me apart. It’s me? 

The Titanic. 

  1. What holds your buns tight and makes them look round and beautiful? A hair tie. 
  2. What gets more humid when it gets hot? 


  1. An expensive tail, I come with a great “couple”. It’s me? 

A lobster 

  1. What does a man have that starts with “P” and gets bigger when properly stimulated? The pupil of your eye. 
  2. I am long, hard, and sharp. It must be slippery when you bring me down. You put your hands on me and then you go up and down. It’s me? 


  1. When you see me in bed, tap me. The bigger I am, the louder you scream. When you see what’s between my hairy legs, your skin crawls. It’s me? 

A spider. 

  1. What is beautiful and natural, but becomes long and thorny if it is not cut regularly? Grass. 
  2. If I’m wrong, I’ll hit your bush. My job is to fill out your box. When it arrives, it’s news. It’s me? 

A newsboy. 

  1. What goes in dry and hard, but comes out wet and soft? 

Chewing gum

  1. Your finger fits in it. You play with it when you’re bored. Once you’re married you are stuck with the same one forever. What is it? 

A ring 

  1. What is at least six inches long, goes in your mouth, and is more fun if it vibrates? A toothbrush 
  2. How do you make five pounds of fat look good?

Put a nipple on it. 

  1. You truly enjoy this when you spread it. What is it?


  1. A cow has four. All women have only two. What is it? Legs
  2. Every time you blow me, I get bigger and tighter when you wrap your lips around my head. What am I? A balloon
  3. I am found in all men’s pants but never on a girl’s dress. What am I? Pockets
  4. I am hairy on the outside and soft on the inside. I start with the letter “C” and end with the letter “T”. What am I? A Coconut
  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s is really long. Michael J. Fox’s is really short. Mickey Mouse’s isn’t human. Madonna doesn’t have one. What is it? The last name
  6. It’s fun to do but you hate knowing your parents do it too. What is it? Facebook 80. What four-letter word ends in “it” and can be found at the bottom of birdcages? Grit 81. What’s white, gooey, sticky, and better to spit than swallow? Toothpaste
  7. It involves a bed. Some people prefer it on top, while others prefer it on the bottom. What is it? A bunk bed.
  8. I have a stiff shaft and my tip penetrates. I come with a quiver. What am I? An arrow
  9. What do a Christmas tree and a priest have in common? Their balls are just for decoration.
  10. Why is air a lot like sex? Because it’s no big deal unless you’re not getting any.

Christmas Riddles For Teen

We all love Christmas. So I have bought some riddles which are made with regard to Christmas. So come on let’s try out the Christmas riddles

  1. Santa is so good at karate. Why is that? 

Due to his black belt. 

  1. In summer what is a snowman called? 


  1. On Christmas who is never hungry? 

Turkey cuz it’s always stuffed. 

  1. Who is the person terrified with the Santa clause? 


  1. Before Christmas what was said by adam? 

It’s Christmas, Eve. 

  1. When did Christmas and New Year fall in the same year? 

Every year. 

  1. What is the best present you can receive for Christmas? 

Since you can’t beat it, a broken drum. 

  1. Rudolph is an expert in trivia questions. Why? 

Cuz it NOES a lot. 

  1. This helps to keep a fresh breath for the Christmas tree. What is it? 


  1. I do turn houses beautiful insight. I do come in many colors, beautiful and bright. Guess? Christmas lights. 
  2. The fastest reindeer of Santa is which one? 


  1. Who is the most disrespectful and impolite among reminders of Santa? Rol-doph. 
  2. Where does a frosty snowman keep his money if otters keep it in the riverbank? Snowbank. 
  3. Christmas trees are bad at knitting. Why is that? 

Cuz they drop their needles. 

  1. You will see wings on top but first I get chopped and then decorated. Who am I? Christmas tree. 
  2. Year-end is 31 st of December, what is the end of Christmas? 

Letter S 

  1. Santa went to the doctor cuz he was having problems with his legs unable to walk. What did the doctor give? 

Candy cane 

  1. What is the name of lions Christmas album if he had one? 

Jungle bells. 

  1. Mummies love Christmas. Why is that? 

Due to wrapping. 

  1. When do red and white reoccurs again and again? 

Santa falling upon the hill. 

  1. What’s the snowmen’s favorite breakfast? 


  1. When a Christmas tree and apple got a baby what do you get? 


  1. Santa is jolly. Why is that? 

Because he knows where the naughty girls are. 

  1. When you see a vampire at the blizzard what did you get? 


  1. When a snow woman was upset with a snowman what happened? She gave him a cold shoulder.
  2. In valentine which reindeer of Santa can be seen. 


  1. In an empty bag, how many presents can Santa fit? 

Only one cuz after it it’s no more empty. 

  1. At Christmas time what is red, white, and blue? 

Sad candy cane 

  1. Parents’ favorite Christmas carol is….. 

Silent night 

  1. For his sleigh, how much did Santa pay? 

Nothing. It was on the house. 

  1. Cats’ Christmas presents are delivered by whom? 


  1. It falls in the north pole and never gets injured. What is it? 


  1. Where do you find reindeer? 

Depends where you left. 

  1. The Christmas tree can’t stand. Why is that? 

Cuz it has no legs. 

  1. A ring made of flowers, leaves, twigs, etc.. Hanging on the front door in winter what is it? Christmas wreath. 
  2. At your yuletide season, what is the frequent hope you enjoy? 

We wish you a Merry Christmas. 

  1. I have arms, eyes, and feet. I’m a cookie you might like and a favored Christmas treat. Who am I? 

Gingerbread man. 

  1. What is the snack of a snowman? 


  1. In school what do elves learn? 


  1. What was said by the Christmas tree to the stocking?

Haven’t you tried hanging around? 

  1. I’m an egg but you can’t drink me. Who am I? 


  1. Looks like a giant person’s sock, you wait till it’s filled. What is it? Christmas stocking. 
  2. Santas which reindeer is outer space? 


  1. How did the reindeer learn? 

Elf taught 

  1. Solitaire is played by elves with what? 

Christmas cards 

  1. What is the song sung by monkeys at Christmas? 

Jungle Bells. 

  1. On Christmas eve how does the Spanish sheep greet each other? Fleece Navidad. 
  2. What did Mrs. Clause looked above the sky and told Santa? 

Looks like rain, dear. 

  1. From the north pole to which direction does Santa next fly? 

To the south since every direction is south. 

  1. When toys get naughty what did Santa say? 

Toys will be toys. 

  1. In his garden what does Santa do? 

Ho, ho, ho 

  1. If you eat Christmas decorations what happens? 

You get tinsel ties. 

  1. Luke Skywalker’s Christmas present was known by Darth Vader how did it happen? Cuz he felt his presents. 
  2. How delivers Christmas presents to dogs? 

Santa Paws.

  1. When a bald man got a comb for Christmas what did he say? Thanks, I’ll never part with it. 
  2. On the Christmas turkey, what do vampires put? 


  1. What do you have in December that you don’t have in any month? D 
  2. What was the first company that used the Santa clause in advertising? Coca -cola. 
  3. Who is the real-life person of Santa clause? 

Bishop St. Nicholas 

  1. Which is the country which the tradition of Christmas tree arouses? Germany. 
  2. In a Christmas carol how many ghosts are shown up? Four. 
  3. What is the fairytale where the first gingerbread houses were inspired? Hansel and Gretel 
  4. How did Turkey join the band? 

Because it had drumsticks. 

  1. To find Jesus, what did the three men guided? 

A star. 

  1. On Christmas eve what do we leave out for Santa? 

Cookies and milk. 

  1. What type of party does a snowman throw? 


  1. Ginger man puts a ………………….. On his bed. 

Cookie sheet 

  1. What is the color of the grinch who stole Christmas? Green. 
  2. The Christmas cookies visited the doctor. Why is that? Cuz they were feeling crummy.
  3. Where did the baby Jesus bear? 

In Bethlehem 

  1. How to scare a snowman? 

Using a hairdryer 

  1. To their candy canes, what do elves put? 

Their tongues 

  1. What do we call the Santas little helpers? 


  1. What do you call the grandfather snowman? 


  1. Do Santas sleighs have wheels? 

No, it consists of runners. 

  1. Which animal pulls Santa’s sleigh? 


  1. What do fish sing at Christmas time? 

Christmas carols. 

  1. How many gifts does a man get on average for Christmas? 10 
  2. How many times does Santa check his list? 


  1. What did Alvin want for his Christmas in chipmunk song? Hula hoop 
  2. What kind of sleigh is it in the song jingle bells? 

One horse open 

  1. What is the Christmas carol related to two psychiatrists’ apartments? The nutcracker suite 
  2. Publication to this orb is expressed by which Christmas carol? Joy to the world.

There you go. Those were some intriguing riddles to shake up your mind. They surely are interesting and joyful. Hope you enjoyed them. I will come back with another interesting topic soon.

Thank you for reading riddles for teens

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