Good First Date Questions

150+ Good First Date Questions You Need to Ask Him or Her

This article features a unique list of Good First Date Questions You Need to Ask Him or Her.

Everyone in the world would go for dates for different reasons. Many of us go for dates in order to find our future partners. At the moment you are going on a date the first question that comes to your mind is Good First Date Questions You Need to Ask. At that instance, we come to find more information regarding the person who we are dating. When you get to the same topic of interest you both have in common, you both can spend more time.

These Good First Date Questions You Need to Ask will help you with that. This helps you to get more and more details about your partner. At times we feel shy and nervous when speaking with others. So these questions will help you to ask questions at that time. Some of these questions may look a bit flirty questions to ask a girl and flirty questions to ask a guy too.

The following questions are some easy questions that you could ask from any person that you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable as well as your partner. So I have bought you about 150 questions regarding Good First Date Questions You Need to Ask. You can use these questions for your date to spend it meaningfully. So come on let’s see what these questions are. 


Good First Date Questions
Good First Date Questions

Good questions to ask


  1. How would you spend your free time? 
  2. Where do you spend most of your time? Indoors or outdoors? 
  3. Can I know about the most fascinating you have met? 
  4. What was the last book that you have read recently? 
  5. What are the movies that you really enjoyed? 
  6. Can I know about the adventurous times that you have faced? 
  7. Do you love to have pets? 
  8. What’s your favorite drink? 
  9. What are you obsessed with these days? 
  10. What are the places that you have traveled to? 
  11. What’s your favorite food? 
  12. What type of a person are you? Morning person or night owl? 
  13. What’s the restaurant that you love to go to? 
  14. Do you have any siblings? 
  15. What’s your dream career? 
  16. If you have enough money and no need to do a job, what will you do?
  17. Who is the author that you like the most? 
  18. What’s your favorite TV series?
  19. If you had enough time and money what are the hobbies you would love to have?
  20. For are you good at your daily routine, if it was an Olympic game that you would win Olympic medals
  21. How do you love to spend your vacation? 
  22. What are you best known, among your friends? 
  23. Who is your favorite music artist? 
  24. With what accomplishments are you really proud of? 
  25. What are the obscure things that you are into? 
  26. Give me some suggestions which one should at least try once in their life?
  27. What is the thing that you never understand? 
  28. What’s the best moment you got to spend this month? 
  29. Any artist that you love? 
  30. For what reasons do you play? 
  31. If you want to unwind what do you do? 
  32. What is the most used app on your phone? 
  33. Who is the cutest animal for you? 
  34. Who is the ugliest animal for you? 
  35. Who is the person who treats you really well? 
  36. Which furniture do you love the most among what you own? 
  37. What type of a person are you? 
  38. Among the places you have visited, which makes you feel strange?
  39. Can I know what your silliest fear is? 
  40. Which city do you love to stay in? 
  41. What is your hatest household chore? 
  42. By which nickname do you love people calling you? 
  43. What is the odd talent that you do possess? 
  44. What is the piece of advice that you would give to any person?
  45. What is the thing that you would love to get more aware of but you didn’t have time?
  46. Which country do you hate traveling to? 
  47. What is the wrong assumption that people most commonly make you?
  48. How would you prefer to work? Team or alone? 
  49. Which period of life do you like the most? 
  50. Have you changed from your high school? 

Good First Date Questions Good First Date Questions


  1. How about your knowledge on the technical side? 
  2. What is the funniest place around your residence? 
  3. What do you think about meetup groups? 
  4. Where would be others surprised if they found you? 
  5. What’s the best way that you love to relax? 
  6. Any unforgettable scenery that you have seen? 
  7. What do you think is worth it, although it’s expensive? 
  8. Which place do you feel so familiar with? 
  9. Recently what have you done first for the first time? 
  10. Why do you love your favorite musician? 
  11. How did you meet your best friend?
  12. What are the turning points in your life? 
  13. Where would you shift if you are capable of maintaining your living standards?
  14. Do you wish to become famous? 
  15. If yes, how? If no, why? 
  16. How did you spend your last summer? 
  17. Before making a call do you get ready for what you are going to say?
  18. For what would you be more grateful? 
  19. When did you sing for the last time? 
  20. What do you think is most important in friendship? 
  21. If you get to know that you would die in a year what would you change?
  22. When did you talk for more than an hour for the last time? 
  23. How did you spend your last vacation? 
  24. What’s your idea about spending your next vacation? 
  25. What is your favorite ice cream? 
  26. Which ice cream do you hate the most? 
  27. Can I know about the strangest phone call you ever had? 
  28. To be comfortable, how much personal space do you want? 
  29. Can I know the most interesting fact that you do know? 
  30. When you were young what was your favorite TV show? 
  31. What are the things you do like, but embarrassed to admit? 
  32. What is your favorite fragrance? 
  33. Is there any skill or ability that you always wanted to learn? 
  34. What is the unforgettable meal that you had? 
  35. When you were kids, where did you love to visit? 
  36. Is there something special that you have compared to others? 
  37. What does it say most about a person? 
  38. What’s the household appliance that aggravates you? 
  39. Any place you have visited which has exceeded your expectations?
  40. What type of business would you start if you are going to start one?
  41. Among the movies that you have watched, which was the worst?
  42. What is your unforgettable road trip? 
  43. All of a sudden if you own a huge amount of money what would you do?
  44. Can you remember any worst advice that someone has given you?
  45. Rather than your work or home, where do you spend most of your time?
  46. If you are able to get an answer to one question what is the question you would ask?
  47. What are the three best topics that you would love to gossip about?
  48. On what do you care the least? 
  49. Where do you hope to retire? 
  50. Any bizarre person that you have met? 
  51. About you what do the other people are surprised to learn about you?
  52. Where would you choose if you would rather live full time an RV or sailboat?
  53. If you never had to sleep how would you spend that time? 
  54. About being grown-up what was the best thing it seemed to be as you were a kid?
  55. Any strange ways that you have become friends with someone?
  56. Any go-to series or movie that you want to watch but can’t find anything to watch?
  57. What can make your daylight up? 
  58. If you had drunk while playing which sport would be funny? 
  59. Any ridiculous things are done because you’re bored? 
  60. If you could go to the past and change your life, which age would you go to?
  61. Have you been aboard? 
  62. Anything you missed in your life 10 or 20 years ago? 
  63. Can I know about your favorite holiday? 
  64. Anything getting worse and worse while you’re growing old? 
  65. Anything getting better and better while you are growing old?
  66. Any suggestion to go for a picnic? 
  67. What would you love to do outdoors? 
  68. What would you love to do indoors? 
  69. When was the last time you danced? 
  70. Anything that you never get tired of? 
  71. Any habit that you would love to start? 
  72. Anyway, you know how to easily understand a person? 
  73. Rather than your parents who taught you about life? 
  74. At which times have you been yourself? 
  75. Anything you have done spontaneously? 
  76. Anything that you are doing that you could laugh remembering after 20 years?
  77. Any instance, that you feel social interaction is too much? 
  78. Any special way that you act in front of acquaintances and comfortable people?
  79. What’s the best time of day of a weekend or holiday? 
  80. What’s the best time of the night on a weekend or holiday? 
  81. What are you waiting to happen in the future? 
  82. Which is your favorite song? 
  83. What was the best job you had? 
  84. What was the worst job you ever had? 
  85. What is the most significant turning point of your life? 
  86. Any of your go-to funny stories? 
  87. Any honest slogan of your college or workplace? 
  88. If you could get a Ph.D. including your knowledge and experience, what would your Ph.D. be in? 
  89. If you lost your phone how would you spend that time? 
  90. What were the happiest times of your life? 
  91. What would you prefer most, an incredibly fast car or incredibly fast wifi?
  92. What are the social situations that you try to avoid? 
  93. Whose friendship has the most impact on you? 
  94. Any interesting thing in you that others won’t even expect? 
  95. Do you have any favorite quotes? 
  96. Do you have any favorite songs? 
  97. Anything that takes too long to figure out? 
  98. Anything you have worked hard for?
  99. Anything you do differently than other people? 
  100. Any role model a person could have? 

In this article we spoke about Good First Date Questions You Need to Ask. I hope you have got a good idea about Good First Date Questions. These  First Date Questions You Need to Ask will help you to get rid of difficulties that you would face during your date. Make sure you remember these Good First Date Questions You Need to Ask and ask them from your dating partner. Hope you enjoyed my article about the First Date Questions. Let’s meet from another article.


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