Flirty Questions To Ask a Guy

170 Awesome Flirty Questions To Ask a Guy To Keep Him Interested

If you wonder how to start talking to a man or whether the man you see is the one, here are some perfect flirty questions to ask a guy and have an understanding in their next chat!

This list has questions about you, about him, deep questions, questions related to love and life, and random questions. All of them carefully curated to help you communicate that you are both involved in the – core elements of any good partnership.


Flirty Questions To Ask a Guy
Flirty Questions To Ask a Guy

Flirty Questions To Ask a Guy


Question About You


  1. Have you liked me more than a friend? 

How did he see you always? Did he know from the moment he put those soft eyes upon you, he wanted to be your boyfriend?

  1. Where do you want to kiss me, my cheek, or my forehead?

He’s not just a lip guy, hopefully.

  1. When you saw me, what were your initial thoughts?

Is he attached to you with your look like a magnet, or thought he was wow, that girl lights up a bed!

  1. When you spoke to me, what were your first thoughts?

Was he the witty, intelligent, cute, cynical thought you were funny?

But wait, wait, wait. But here are other typical questions you may like for other times: I’m sure you’re the sweetest girl he has ever met.

  1. Are you still getting nervous?

Does he ever blush about severe matters as he speaks to you? Is it always trying to please you but feeling completely around you at the same time?

  1. If I have tattoos, would you like them?

Does he like the traditional and straightforward style or a rough guy?

  1. Have you had a dream about me ever? 

Has he traveled across the globe with you? Have you got a family?

  1. How does it feel to touch me? 
  2. When you wake up next to me, what’s your first thought?

Does he think about how fortunate he is in his life to have someone like you?

  1. Would you join me if I were to travel far away?

Is he a lover without hope? His love risked everything?

  1. Are we soulmates, do you think?

Or does he think it’s just stupidity?

  1. Can your family introduce me?

Is he discreet or transparent to you about everything?

  1. Why do you believe that we have met? What is the explanation for this?

Does he assume that everything appears for a reason?

  1. Do you remember the day we met what happened?

Has he any idea, or is he rubbish in his memory?

  1. What made my boyfriend you want to be?

Will he call something or something much deeper about looks?

  1. Are you thinking of a song? 

Does he hear some song that makes him think of you on the radio or his telephone?

  1. Want to dance with me in the rain?

Does he leave his way to make your life filled with valuable memories?

  1. Want my body smell? 

You smell like flowers. He may think all stuff is sweet. 

  1. What do I unintentionally love? 

Is it your way of squeezing or using your hands to say something?

  1. What’s my favorite peculiar feature?

How about you he loves so dearly? What about you?

21.Have you ever written about me in a song or a poem?

Is the creative hidden?


Question on him


  1. What are the most desirable physical features in a woman?

Often, the guy with whom you flirt will mention some part of your body that he finds adorable. This is a little sly way to find out something about you that he likes.

  1. What’s a future partner’s biggest turn-on?

This is a fair table question, which certainly doesn’t have to be physical. This one dives a little deeper than some of the other questions on the list.

  1. When would you ask me? 

If you and the kid teach so far, this is a fantastic and flirting matter that surprises him. And maybe things will roll a little earlier, and trust him to ask you eventually!

  1. Where would you go if you could take a girl anywhere in the world?

Two of our favorite things combined: passion and adventure! Find out what kind and what5 vacation and destinations your guy could be and what5 interests you.

  1. What are the most significant switches?

What a man is not in as much as what he is. It’s always telling to find out. His turn-offs indicate issues with exes as well.

  1. What is your worst date ever?

This question will undoubtedly make you laugh since it relates to its most fierce date.

  1. Who’s your fame #1 crush?

Spread the tea, sweetheart. Who’s crushing it, and why?

  1. What are you surprised about? 30.

Give a shocking and unpredictable chance for your fellow to show himself. It’s cool to see what he has to tell, as well as to learn something fascinating about him.

  1. Which is the craziest thing you ever did?

Swap stories where in the past you got wild. This could also be an excellent way to see if he was struggling with the law, you know. 

  1. In high school, what were you like?

It’s not always interesting, but it’s a glimpse into the past to look back at these old high school days. I think the changes after these days are enjoyable.

  1. What has happened to you, the most humiliating thing ever?

For a man who wants him to be a little insecure, this is a flirting issue, but I think it’s essential to learn about others.

  1. How did you kiss the first?

More kiss chat. More kiss talking. It is not a bad idea to make him remember to kiss you, so it is possible that he can do the trick by talking about old smooches.

  1. What’s the romantic thing a girl has ever done?

Discover with this flirting question a little about the romantic side of your boyfriend. You can see what he finds intimate, not just his past relationships.

  1. How about you, if you could change one thing?

What is he choosing? You might be surprised by the response. PS: It’s an excellent occasion to let him know what you like about him!

  1. When we cook with you, do you like it?

Is he the chef or the deputy chef?

  1. Are you pleased to go with me to the gym?

Is he lifting you as long as you are there?

  1. What other than me is something for which you are thankful?

Nice cute adorable. His family and friends, his family and friends.

  1. What’s the most talented of you?

Besides making girls fall to him like you


Flirty questions to ask.


  1. Where’s the craziest spot that you have had? 

This flirty question to ask a guy helps you to get a little bit deeper in the wild without being too personal. From his response, you’ll also learn a lot about your man.


42.Was you caught in the act at some time? By whom?

This is one of the fun questions you must ask because it reveals the answers to unexpected circumstances.

  1. What is the racial dream that you had? 

Another sauce issue might not be very straightforward to ask about your relationship, but it’s very nice to ask him when you begin to know a guy better.

  1. What’s your favorite sex time during the day?

Does he prefer to make love in the morning first? Whether in the night’s darkness?

  1. When we first met, what did you think of me? What was your first feeling towards me?

This is nice to ask a guy when you were together some time ago to talk about the early days of your relationship.

  1. How are you going to get down to and dirty with your favorite song?

What stuff makes him want to jump to bed, right?

  1. What was your last relationship’s worst part?

A fascinating insight into this question often gives a partner or a future partner.

  1. How do you feel about the perfect relationship?

That is the best partner that you can ask, particularly if you want to deepen and strengthen your relationship.

  1. Do you like dirty talk, or do you prefer romantic things? 

This is one of my favorite questions to him about flirtation.

  1. What can you tell me that you never told someone else about you?

Ensure that you are where your man is good with this sort of thing opening up to you. That may be a complex issue!

  1. What’s the most insecurity of yours?

This may sound like an odd addition to the flirty list, but it certainly helps you get to know your man more deeply.

  1. How crazy are you with your ambition?

This is a question that gives you some insight into the dreams and ambitions of your partner.

  1. Which is physically or psychologically the most challenging thing you’ve ever done?

Give your man the opportunity to praise and share obstacles he has faced in the past.

  1. Do you think of me when you are alone?

Or is he what I think of kind in front of me?

55 How profound is your secret?

His past’s dark?

  1. You and your buddies will take me on a trip?

Are his talents beyond what you should do with compartmentalizing?

  1. When I speak with other guys, are you jealous?

It’s a little cute, not so much envy!

  1. Girls curved or girls sleek?

Hopefully, any girl that you are.

  1. Are we the most successful couple?

And the cutest pair of awards are.

  1. Want to music together? 

Nothing more romantic or personal about each other than that!


Love Questions


  1. Will you take me to the sweetheart if we were married?

Would he bring you to the world’s best beach? Or a small mountain cabin around you?

  1. At first glance, do you believe in love?

Or, in the first place, does he believe in lust?

  1. How are you going to picture our first date?

It is not only like “Hey, I’m interested, are you?” quest, but also the bonus that makes date plans easily come true.

  1. What is it necessary for you to have a second date?

It is the same as the above so that the man knows that you are in him and places responsibility for him to flirt with some ideas about the flirtation or second time.

  1. What did you first think of me?

It is also an excellent way to find out what is important to them. Was it your appearance, your attitude, etc.? Moreover, the normal development of this query means that you can share what you first noticed about him.

  1. Where do you want to be most touched, rather than the obvious?

This is a critical F-flirty problem. It’s also good information to know later whether you want to go forward and graze your inner arms or ears or any part of your body, he responds.

  1. What would be it if you had to use the title of your movie to portray your kissing style?

Everyone wants to talk about themselves, and there’s a very strong risk that people won’t be heard before. This is a line.

  1. How’s the single you are still?

This is the perfect question to give a hint and not just compliments to a man. You give a signal that you’re in him just by asking the question.

  1. Do you want to hold my hand publicly?
  2. Which words would you use if you could explain me in three words?

Notice whether it calls the language physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

  1. Which nickname do I use for your favorite?
  2. How’s the wedding of your dream?

Even if you didn’t get the question, asking her shows, she’s interested in the idea. Both of you should dream of your marriage and hope for the future.

  1. What’s your idea of a romantic destination for a honeymoon?

To address a particular place, such as Turkey’s, Caicos, and Paris, or certain features such as the island of Bora Bora, an island paradise with pristine beaches and the picturesque countryside, you may ask this.

  1. In ten years, where do you see us?

It is vital to have expectations in a relationship and to ask her this would show how seriously she takes the relationship. This topic will give rise to a thoughtful discussion about what you want to do together, as it is a question of romance.

  1. How many children do you want?

This inquiry would let her know that you want to have children with her, which is an enormous commitment.

  1. Would you like my parents to meet?

This question shows that if you guys haven’t met your parents yet, you want to reach the next stage of a relationship.

  1. On Valentine’s day, what do you want to do?

This questioning line demonstrates that you plan and are interested in making her loved and unique.

  1. What’s a deal-breaker relationship for you?

You would know what to do if you want to have a future in your relationship.

  1. How do you look like your dream retirement?

You can prepare it and work to realize her dreams once you have her response.

80 Can you make our grandchildren a time capsule?

A time capsule is a jar you bury in the ground for future people to open. This is a romantic idea that you’re going to let your grandchildren discover a part of your relationship.


Questions about past relationships


  1. How long have you had previous relationships?

This is one of the main questions your friend can ask about his ex.


  1. How did you get together with your ex?

His ex will tell you a great deal about him and his old relationship how a person has met.

  1. You’re in contact with your ex/exes/friends?

When it comes to mates with exes, it is always best to be mindful of it. We think it’s essential to find out early if your boyfriend is buddies with his exes so you can get ready.

  1. Why have you broken up?

This is undoubtedly one of your boyfriend’s most critical issues. This question is plentiful to tell you what your boyfriend’s complete breaker is.


  1. How grave was the connection?

The gravity of a previous relationship has a significant impact on the new relationship. Have they just been together for several short months, or have they been together?


  1. Have you presented your parents with your ex?

There are two types of serious relationships: a deep level of friendship and a deep level of exposing them to your parents.

They ate two very distinct levels.

  1. How much time have you split up?

This question lets you know if a new, seriously committed relationship is ready for your boyfriend.

  1. You’re positive that your ex is over?

Now, we know that it might sound a little uncertain but safer than sorry, right? Especially if there is not such a distance between the two ties.

  1. What’s your ex’s most fun date?

This can consider as one of the most straightforward questions your friend has about his ex. You may even question them about their ex’s best present.

  1. Still on social media, you follow one another?

We cannot argue that social media is an essential part of our lives in our day and age. In some instances, pairs appear to unfold after a disintegration in social media.

  1. How did the final relation[s] end? 

You might wonder if their divisions are mutual, peaceful, and polite or if they are super-toxic and furious.

  1. What were they fighting for?

When you ask this question, some stuff you don’t like will get you conscious, which you may have overlooked or ignored to mention.

  1. Made the ex move on?

Is he or she a friend of these exes still? You might find out early enough whether or not these former loves have gone on by asking this. Ask if the ex is new or married to someone else. Have they moved abroad, or are they in the country?

  1. Have they been cheating?

Nobody accepts that readily, of course. However, it does not hurt to inquire and potentially build an honest dialogue. So that new rules and limits for an emerging relationship can define.

  1. Were they espoused?

It can also be nice to ask questions about any cheating. If your heart breaks, this baggage will affect your current relationship.

  1. How have your ex-relationships changed how you look?

Some people, like exes, can see certain things.

  1. If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

This topic could be dangerous, but it could spur valuable discussions between you two.

  1. In the First Place, what did you draw?

This is a tricky question because it can lead you to a sense of envy. It is naturally sweet to ask a question like this, but it can also improve your relationship if you know that these things were important to them in the past.

  1. From your previous relationship, what kinds of cars do you have?

A person may suffer from brutal disruptions, unrest, hurt or unprotected events. This topic is going to deepen. However, “the listening, comprehension, and support of difficult things strengthens relationships and brings them to the next level.

  1. How have you supported your ex? 

You will assist them with accepting and registering as positive if you know how your partner feels taken (or not) by an ex.

  1. To which luggage do you still hold?

This is another exciting query about your ex-girlfriend. It can be daunting to approach a subject such as this, which would probably take some modesty, introspection, and vulnerability. 


Deep questions


  1. Which commitments are you under?

Commitment is very critical if long-term partnerships are to retain passion, dispute resolution, and overall success.

  1. How can you have a friendship of love?

In terms of fostering and sustaining relationships, the overall sense of love is highly significant. Compatible people often want to show affection in the same way.

  1. What’s going on with you?

Sexual consistency often overlooks, but it is essential for a healthy relationship. Arousal will reveal her sexual expectations in various circumstances.

  1. Your life’s best moments? Most depressing moments?

These questions cannot be taken as a test of your partner’s emotional extremes. Watch out for her joyful and depressing memories, any causes that trigger her emotions.

  1. What is the perfect relationship, in your opinion?

Her ideal partnership doesn’t need to be an example of her hopes for the relationship at the moment.

  1. What are your marriage views?

Even if it is mainly concerned, it would be wise to adopt a positive attitude toward marriage. Any negatives on engagement are a warning that they are not ready to enter into a relationship

  1. Describe everything this year you want to do.

It takes a lot of energy in the relationship. Extremely busy people can not engage in serious relationships without a timetable.

  1. Ask her if she feels she’s going to settle.

Any reaction involving the answer to avoidance indicates that it is not ready. A woman focusing on relationships will answer this question with confidence and rapidity.

  1. Asks her to explain her family and friends’ connection. 

She’s either going to school with his buddies she drinks with until the day, or she’s reduced her friendships, knowing when and why? Is she in good family relations? Her replies will allow you to understand her better.

  1. How is a man able to win you straight away?

Ask her what the man had to do to make her his and do it right now if you can.

  1. “Who shaped you most during your childhood and adolescence, besides your parents?”

This question will give you insights into your partner’s most influential people, which may not always be clear.

  1. What is the worst ever you were? 

Speaking of emotions and what causes feelings can lead to intimate talk. 

  1. What are the social signals that nobody else will notice that you’re stressed?

This is a question to learn how your partner works if things don’t go well. Once you know, as the situation gets worse, you can share your signals and be happier, helpful friends.

  1. What are the pleasures of your guilt?

This is an amusing opportunity to know if your partner enjoys it and what might be very humiliating.

  1. And why did it stop? Who was your first love?

This helps you to appreciate the relationship past of your boyfriend. How he responds shows you what in a relationship he values and what his conduct is most harmful.

  1. When are you crying last? 

This question will help you open up something emotional to your boyfriend. You’ll understand what makes them feel, whether they are happy, sad, or angry tears.

  1. What is the greatest lie you ever said?

This line must lead to an insightful conversation—one that will show your partner what a lie is worth and whether they regret that they are deceptive or not.

  1. Where are you going to go, and why if you won a lottery?

This is all about the adventure and travel fantasies of your partner,” says Orbuch. Moreover, it is a fun opener that gives you a more profound insight into your psyche without getting too serious.

  1. Where would you be, and what would you be doing if you could be somewhere in the world right now?

You can find the same material in a different format or find additional details on their website.

  1. What are your expectations? 

What a man wants of himself will most probably wait for you. Find out, then, in time what this partner expects from you. Another interesting question to pose.


  1. What are your career objectives?

It is good to know in future ties if he is looking to transition to a job or spend a lot of time working and the like. Therefore, under any given situation, it is an interesting question to ask a man.


  1. What are you waiting for from your partner?

What does he want from you? What does he want? What does he need? What does he need? What’s most necessary for him to provide by his wife? It’s the best question a guy can ask, to be very frank.

  1. Who are friends and family? 

Who they are, what reciprocal relationships are they doing? Learn about your family and friends the easiest. An adorable question for boys to pose.


  1. If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

His desires, hobbies, and dreams will show the answer to this issue. You’ll see if he’s materialistic.


  1. Do you do the worst thing?

Strange questions for a man to ask:- Not only is this problem enjoyable, but it also reveals particular worldviews and beliefs. If the worst thing is that he stole gum as a kid in the shop, then you know you’re faced with a guy with high morals. 

  1. How do you want to move? 

You can decide if he’s an urban man in this response. If he wants to live in a metropolis, the rhythm of life and nightlife is now most probably enjoyed.

  1. Who are you doing that you are working for?

You can see if he enjoys his work and does his job passionately, or just for survival.

  1. What’s (insert a sport) the outcome of?

Sports, boys enjoy speaking. In case of chance, ask the outcome and explain the rules to you if he has not closely watched the partners and you.


  1. Which one word do you identify yourself, what? 

Be careful if the term is simple or compound. The brief words are typical of quick, qualified fellows.


Questions about food


  1. What is your favorite meal? 

If you’re still unsure about what questions a man is asking you can ask this immediately. Food can say a lot about the man sometimes.


  1. First, what happens in the cereal bowl?

Two kinds of people on Earth pour in the cereal before milk and the milk before the grain; both never see each other’s eyes. Imagine one day waking up to find your first partner? This kind of energy you don’t need. Before putting the issue, you should ask your future partner this.

  1. What prefer green or red apples? 

Some people are eating and don’t choose all sorts of apples. It’s alright if you have them, but others are super chic and only eat green apples.

  1. What is your food’s temperature?

You can find that some people think the colder the food, the better, while others need to warm up what they eat and want to die if they have hard grains.

  1. Do you Enjoy taking pepper? 

I once encountered a girl with whatever she could eat pepper. With crackers, she ate pepper, and I was amazed. Possibly if you love pepper, you would love more pepper than you love.

  1. Are you interested in bread?

Someone who likes bread is the most significant partner.


  1. Are you a pineapple lover?

Don’t get me wrong; pineapples are perfect. But the fact is that pizza isn’t the truth. Imagine your partner ordering the night of the day or stopping at the pizza where they buy pizza but buy the pineapple pizza

  1. Do you like rice?

That’s the marriage: Fresh rice, white rice, fried rice. Anything else can go from anywhere and get their love.


Question about life


  1. What will you be reviving and why in your life?

When you address that, you emphasize more than just fun or unforgettable experience in the year you pick.

  1. Are you exhausting, or do you enjoy spending time with people?

No matter what your personality, this is a crucial issue. If you are an introvert or an extrovert, this might also be an enormous deal breaker, as it could be for your partner as well.

  1. What is unforgivable, do you think?

Responses to this issue can range from past experiences to a general opinion.

  1. Do you think stuff is supposed to happen or do it?

This question gives you an overview of your partner’s drive and faith.

They’re laidback and probably haven’t considered anything if they just let it happen.

  1. What are your attributes for a stable relationship?

Ideal! AIt is a straightforward question to see your partner’s beliefs, principles, desires, and feelings on problems that can make your relationship or break it.

  1. What are you happy you have never again to do? 

It is important to hear about your partner’s complaints because it can clarify why they are today.

  1. What has been a difficult thing for you to do with your other relationships?

You have had time to think about their past relationships when your partner will respond to this almost immediately.

  1. What tasks do you do most? 

If you’re a go-getter, but you’re lazier about something meaningful to you, could that harm your bond? Knowing is so essential.

  1. How to finish a long day is best?

This can be more of a friendly query and an excellent way to finish your chat, so you figure out how you want to relax or how you behave after a busy day.

  1. In a year, how is your life going to be different?

Think of your world, whether it is an auto-destructive habit, heavy debt, solitude, or something else, what is not ideal. Given that a shift in basic actions takes 28 days, commit to engaging in things differently for one month.

  1. What thank you for? 

Don’t you have to be grateful for anything? Get your head started with power, running water, and roof.

  1. How good will you do today for someone else?

Give anyone your spot, purchase a coworker’s favorite drink in the morning, or call your mom to hear how her weeks say. On somebody’s day, even small items can make a huge difference.


Random flirty questions


  1. Do you feel sorry to see me sad? 1
  2. Will you save mine at the cost of your life?
  3. Do you believe I’m adorable?

Luckily, that ought to be one of the reasons why he is.

  1. Are you cute, do you think?

If you like questions like dirty-flirty, this one’s for you, and he’s going to blush it, naturally!

  1. Do you want to picnic with me? 

He’s going to claim under the moon.

  1. What are you terrified of?

Great flirtatious question “truth or dare!”

You will find out if he selects the truth if it doesn’t mean entirely living life, or perhaps he is afraid to leave you.

  1. Before we die, what do you intend to do to me?
  2. What’s the right color for me?

Do you want him to be content with others in a specific color?

  1. What distinguishes me from other people is something?

What are you doing with him? Does that make you?

  1. How kindly have you ever done? 

How different is his definition of friendliness from yours. 

  1. Might you think of us as spontaneous or romantic?
  2. Have you ever had a crush teacher?

Has he ever fallen for a professor? You like the people who give you classes! You like them!

  1. How are you sleeping?.


  1. Are you heartbroken or heartbreaker?
  2. Do you want to stay with me on the beach one day, or walk a mountain?
  3. Would you like your parents or siblings to introduce you to me?
  4. How many photos have you on your telephone of me?
  5. How many photos have you got from us?
  6. Has my look or personality attracted more to you?

Oddly you have his looks, and attitude has made him remain.

  1. Want to be alone or more with me?

You, duh, of course!

Here you go for Flirty Questions To Ask a Girl

There are some interesting and flirty questions to ask a guy to ask your partner to clarify the day and to remind him why he is so attracted to you. Monotony destroys the passion and returns with them to the innocent spark.