199+ New Flirty Questions To Ask a Girl You Want To Impress

We have curated a collection of good flirty questions to ask a girl, which would tend your crush towards you. You can express your true intentions and wow her.

Ladies always prefer the men who simply aren’t beating the bush around. It’s good to express their feelings in the simplest way as much as possible. You should have the courage to ask your crush the right set of flirty questions to win her heart.

This will imperceptibly help you to make a good image within her and will make her positive attitudes about your flirtiness. In the previous session, we have shown you how to ask questions from your crush. In this session, we will tell you some flirty questions to ask a girl.  Follow the below flirty questions to ask a girl. But make sure to ask suitable questions based on your relationship level. If not you’ll lose your chance of getting into a relationship. 

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Like You

Most of the time women like to get flirted by men. If you want to flirt with your crush, you need a list of good flirty questions to ask a girl. But you have to be careful when flirting as it could either damage your image or she will dislike you. So here are some flirty questions to ask a girl to make her like you. 

  1. Can you tell me the meaning of your name? 
  2. Has anyone told you before how beautiful you are? 
  3. Who makes you laugh often? 
  4. Do you like to be kissed? 
  5. If so, where would it be? 
  6. How will you respond if I kiss you right now? 
  7. What is your biggest turn on towards a guy? 
  8. Do you like to have romantic gestures? 
  9. Do you prefer tight hugs? 
  10. How do you want your hugs to be? 
  11. What are the best memories in your life? 
  12. What is your opinion about handsome men? 
  13. What is the most likely quality of a man? 
  14. Do you have a crush on someone else? 
  15. Have you ever flirted with a guy? 
  16. Do you know you have the best name in the world? 
  17. Do you have a celebrity crush? 
  18. What is the most memorable thing you have done with someone special in your life?
  19. 19. What makes you nervous in front of a guy? 
  20. If we go on a date, where would it be? 
  21. How do you define love? 
  22. What do you want me to do to make you happier right now? 
  23. What is your opinion about an ideal relationship?
  24. Would you prefer a dominant boyfriend or an equal partner? 
  25. Do you think it’s okay to make a girl the first move? 
  26. When did you first fall in love? 
  27. How did you feel back then? 
  28. Have you ever kissed someone? 
  29. If so, how does it feel? 
  30. What is the first time you were intimate with a guy? 
  31. How did you feel? 
  32. What is the thing you suppose that every guy should have? 
  33. What do you think about love at first sight? 
  34. How come you are untaken? 
  35. Would you like to take a body massage from a boy? 
  36. What do you think about me? 
  37. What would be your answer if I say I like you? 
  38. What are the plans for this weekend? 
  39. What is your favorite dish? 
  40. Do you like flirting? 
  41. What type of flirting do you prefer most? 
  42. What do you say If I say let’s get married? 
  43. Will you say yes If I say let’s get married today? 
  44. How do you want your marriage life to be? 
  45. What did you feel when I first got in touch with you? 
  46. Where do you want to go for the first international trip? 
  47. Tell me something about yourself I don’t know? 
  48. What regrets you most? 
  49. Do you go out so often? 
  50. Do you like to stay out tonight? 
  51. How much do you prefer about nightlife? 
  52. Do you go to watch movies? 
  53. What do you prefer most? Indoor movies or cinema? 
  54. Which movie or series yourself can’t get away from? 
  55. What is the movie you recommend for someone you love? 
  56. What movie would you suggest we watch together? 
  57. Would you prefer red wine or white wine? 
  58. Wine in which way sparkling or normal? 
  59. Which color do you like most? 
  60. Do you have any rules for your dating life? 
  61. Do you like others questioning you? 
  62. What do you want to know about me? 
  63. Do your parents know you are dating someone right now? 
  64. What do your friends tell me? 
  65. Are you ready to be in a relationship? 

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Smile


Flirty Questions To Ask a Girl
Flirty Questions To Ask a Girl

Each and every guy likes to see his crush girl smiling always. It’s better if that smile happens because of him. We are going to support you in that case. Be the reason for your girl’s smile. Here are some flirty questions to ask a girl to make her smile. Try on. 

  1. Do you know that your smile drives me crazy? 
  2. Do you know that you have an amazing personality? 
  3. Do you want to go out with me?
  4. What will your opinion be if I ask you out for dinner? 
  5. Do you know that I fell in love with you at first sight? 
  6. I wonder what is behind your smile? 
  7. Do you know that I feel amazing when you are around me?
  8. What makes you smile so nicely? 
  9. Do you know who I am thinking right now? 
  10. Has someone told you that your eyes are beautiful? 
  11. What is your type? 
  12. From where would you start if I say I would like to know about you?
  13. Do you believe you could fall in love over one night? 
  14. Have you ever noticed me noticing you in class? 
  15. You are making me laugh. Can I return the favor? 
  16. I want to get to know you more? 
  17. Wanna go on an adventure together? 
  18. I have a secret. Want to know? 
  19. Are you bored at the moment? 
  20. Do you like cats or dogs? 
  21. Would you share your umbrella with me? 
  22. Shall I sit here? Is this seat taken? 
  23. Are you checking me out? 
  24. So what do you want to know about me? 
  25. Do you like someone who asks questions about you or a silent guy?
  26. What is the one thing you could talk about forever with me?
  27. What is your obsession? 
  28. You look beautiful tonight, do you know that? 
  29. Do you have any flows? 
  30. What color are my eyes? 
  31. What do your friends know about me? 
  32. Do you know what my friends tell you? 
  33. Where should we go next? 
  34. Are you ready to fall in love with me? 
  35. Do you know that you are too romantic? 
  36. Hugs are the best. Shall I give one? 
  37. Do you want to go out clubbing with me? 
  38. What is your opinion about pride? 
  39. What makes you tick always? 
  40. There’s something about you in my heart. I can’t figure it out yet.
  41. Would you go out if I ask you out with me? 
  42. What was the last book you read? I want to know about that?
  43.  How can I get to know you better? 
  44. What are your plans for the rest of your life? 
  45. Are you ready to get married? 
  46. Do you know I love you? 
  47. Do you know you are the best girl in my life? 
  48. Are you aware that you are the cutest girl I’ve ever seen?
  49. Do you believe that I really like you? 
  50. Shall I take you away? 
  51. How about going on a romantic date by the Lakeside?
  52. Do you know who my crush is? 
  53. Do you know that I’m crushing the most beautiful girl in the world? 
  54. Do you know that your eyes make me crazy? 
  55. What would you say if I say I have a crush on you? 
  56. Would you like me at once? 
  57. Shall we go on a long ride? 
  58. What will impress you most if I bring you chocolate, flowers, and presents?
  59. Would you say yes if I say I like you? 
  60. Do you know I want you to smile every day? 
  61. Do you know you’ve got the most adorable smile in the whole world? 
  62. I don’t know whether you know, I love the way you smile? 
  63. Do you know that your dimples are really sweet? 
  64. Will you be by my side every day? 

Dirty Questions That Will Turn You Both On

Flirty Questions To Ask a Girl
Flirty Questions To Ask a Girl

Dirty questions are the things you could arouse your crush’s feelings. You have to be very attentive in this moment because these questions can sometimes change your crush’s mind. Look at the following dirty questions that will turn you both on 

  1. What is the dirtiest thought you got about a stranger? 
  2. At what time you prefer to have s#x? 
  3. Would you prefer to have s#x in the morning? 
  4. Are you interest in afternoon s#x? 
  5. How about s#x at night with your lover? 
  6. How do you like to be seduced? 
  7. What’s the dirtiest feeling you had at work? 
  8. How would you seduce your boss if you got a chance? 
  9. What would you do if you got horny feelings in public? 
  10. Have you ever masturbated in public places? 
  11. What is the horniest feeling you had while touching yourself? 
  12. When did you first arouse yourself? 
  13. How did it feel the first time to arouse yourself? 
  14. Who is the person who gave your first orgasm? 
  15. How did it feel when your first orgasm? 
  16. Have you ever had s#x with a stranger? 
  17. What is your favorite thing about a quickie? 
  18. What are the horniest daring things you have done so far? 
  19. Have you ever thought about fucking your beloved ones? 
  20. Do you ever mentally force strangers to give a kick? 
  21. Do you like to fuck strangers? 
  22. Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender? 
  23. What compelled you to kiss someone of same-sex? 
  24. What is your favorite posture? 
  25. Is it good to be in bed? 
  26. Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend or girlfriend because of your horny feelings?
  27.  Can you control your horny feelings? 
  28. Have you ever crossed your s#x boundaries?
  29. What kind of porn do you like most? 
  30. Would you prefer s#x while eyes on or close? 
  31. Have you ever had s#x while your eyes on? 
  32. Have you ever had s#x while your eyes closed? 
  33. Have you ever handcuffed your partner? 
  34. Have you ever blindfolded your partner while having s#x? 
  35. Would you like naughty talks? 
  36. Does listening to naughty talks arouse you? 
  37. What is the dirtiest thing you have told ever? 
  38. Have you ever watched another couple having s#x with their permission?
  39. Have you ever watched another couple having s#x without their permission
  40. What would you say if another couple invites you to be their third one?
  41. What are the most flattering words you have heard about your naked body?
  42. When was the last time you had an s#xy dream? 
  43. What do you think about an orgy? 
  44. What does your ideal night look like? 
  45. How long does it take you to turn it on? 
  46. How long do you like to have s#x? 
  47. What is the weirdest thing you turn on? 
  48. Have you ever felt horny about your family member or friend
  49. Have you ever humped up your pillow? 
  50. When was the last time you orgasm? 
  51. What do the most embarrassing things happen to you while having s#x?
  52. Have you ever farted while having s#x? 
  53. Do you like to touch yourself while sleeping with others? 
  54. What is the dirtiest message you received so far? 
  55. What is the dirtiest text you sent? 
  56. Do you prefer professional sex or amateur s#x? 
  57. What is your favorite blowjob method? 
  58. Is there anything you don’t want to do while having s#x? 
  59. Is there anything you don’t want to do while on the bed? 
  60. Do you prefer having s#x with a stranger? 
  61. Do you prefer horny activities with your boyfriend? 
  62. Do you scream when you have s#x? 
  63. Have you ever thought of being lesbian? 
  64. What would you say if you met a gay person? 
  65. Have you ever had s#x when you are on a date? 
  66. Do you think having s#x on a date is a bad choice? 
  67. Do you try s#x with more than one person? 
  68. Who is the most s#xiest person you met? 
  69. Do you watch p0rn videos?
  70. How often do you watch p0rn videos?


So here are the most suited questions you could ask a girl to tend her to yourself. Try these questions very carefully because it depends on person to person. Our next session about flirt questions to ask your crush will also help you guys. So turn on and wait for the next. Don’t give up the try.